English Channel – Recap.


11hrs 14 min, 28 August 2013. 1st Italian lady to swim the English Channel.

Brief Timeline:
2am: depart Folkestone Harbor on the Masterpiece
with Fred Mardle and crew
3am: start at Samphire Hoe, UK
2pm: land at Cap-Gris-Nez, France

Brian Finn, ATC (New Jersey)
Sally Minty-Gravett (Jersey)
Alice Harvey (Jersey)
Simon “Sumo” Jacob (England)

Estimated total distance: 28 miles
with jellyfish, tankers, pirate ships;
10-14 mph winds, 18 mph gusts;
& 1-3 meter seas.

English Channel – Success.

Today, I became a CHANNEL SWIMMER. Touching down at Cap-Gris-Nez in 11 hours 14 minutes, I also became the FIRST ITALIAN WOMAN to achieve this goal.

And I could not say this without thanking you, my friends and family, for the all of your support, prayers and kind words over the past few days.

Your messages were passed onto me via whiteboard amidst active shipping lanes, 12-18 mile an hour gusts, 1-2 meter swells, jellyfish, and a large opposing tidal current just outside the shores of France.

Tremendous thanks also goes out to Brian, my support crew – Sally, Simon, and Alice – and that of the Masterpiece, each an expert at your role, making such a feat possible and all the more enjoyable.

Now, for some rest. I will get back to everyone personally over the next few days, along with posting photo and video documentation of the adventure to my site. And please know, if you haven’t yet, it’s never too late to donate to First Descents: https://channeledin.com/posts/donate/


Semana Nautica 6mi Event x2

We took a medium-long swim in Ventucky on Saturday.  Visitors and locals were out in abundance for Pirate Days and the Surf Rodeo, so we decided to start from the Fairgrounds and lap around at the Harbor.  Quite a bit of chop, some currents, and no sun.  Surfers were out in gloves and booties; all I had was a Jolyn two-piece.  It was good day.

Then on Sunday, we cruised up to Goleta (Santa Barbara) for the Semana Nautica 6 mile event.  There were 45-entrants, several I knew and others I was excited to meet, mostly from the Ventura/Laguna open water swimming circles.  We would race from Goleta Park to Arroyo Burro Beach in a route that took us out deep as the coastline created a bay.  Initially, it looked like a beautiful day.  I was excited to swim roundtrip.

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T-minus 6weeks


6 weeks, approx 250miles of swimming, and countless hours of preparation remain until I leave for England.

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated already. While Channel swims are costly ventures, it only takes $1000 to send a young adult cancer patient/survivor like me on an outdoor adventure with First Descents. Last year, I gave $2000 to Team FD. My goal is to at least match that this year, but I think we can do better.

Time to light a fire on #OutLivingIt.

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FAQ: “What is open water swimming?”

The Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) is the international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming (OWS).

According to FINA rules, “OWS shall be defined as any competition that takes place in rivers, lakes, oceans or water channels except for 10km events… OWS marathon swimming shall be defined as any 10km event in open water competitions.”