Mastering Nutrition

First, let me start off by saying that I am not too happy with the presentation of the article, “Mastering Nutrition: 10 Things Nutritionists Say You Should Never Eat” in the May-June 2013 publication of Swimmer.  The introductory paragraph does not allow anyone to be exempt. “Not after your sixth 3,000-yard workout in a week. Not after swimming in cold water with sharks and jellyfish in rough conditions. Not after swimming the English Channel.” The complete list follows:

1. Regular soda. So far, so good, but just wait…

2. Processed deli meats. Turkey with avo and Dijon is my absolute favorite snack.

3. Processed snack foods (potato chips & popcorn). When I was in the hospital it was Trader Joe’s White Cheddar Popcorn, 1 bag/day. Sometimes I pretend things have changed since then.

4. Pasta, potatoes, and white bread. Potatoes… really? Even when I try to be gluten free, potatoes are a weight gainer go-to. 

5. Typical breakfast cereals. Is Chex considered “typical”?

6. Candy. Gummy worms are the easiest way to my heart.

7. Doughnuts and other bakery items (not homemade). I love my coffee & pastry after morning practice before heading into work; you will not take this from me.

8. Commercial energy drinks. No problem.

9. Lunchables. The only obvious candidate.

10. Fast food such as french fries and burgers. Surely In ‘n Out doesn’t count…

You say “not after,” but what about before?  When you’re swimming up to 60 miles/week, on top of maintaining a fulltime job, constantly ridiculed for being “too thin to be a Channel swimmer,” what food remains on the table?

Dear author (Kristin J. Bender – whoever you are…), how about a follow-up article on what you SHOULD eat.  Also, please have one of your nutritionists contact me.  Thanks.

p.s. I’m dairy-free.

2 thoughts on “Mastering Nutrition

  1. Most nutrionists have never had to coach a swimmer through cold water Channel training. Ice-cream at bedtime, all the chocolate you can eat, protein from any source. I’m an Irish stereotype in my dependence on and love of the spud (potato).

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