The WISH List

With my EC swim only 6 weeks away, I continue to have difficulty gaining support.  That said, I’ve compiled a list of the most important ways I could use your help:

  • Kayak/paddler support on weekend “long” swims
  • Round-trip flight to London, x2
  • Rental car in England – approx. $700 USD
  • Accommodation in Folkestone – approx. 750 GBP
  • Escort boat balance – 1800 GBP
  • Food, feeds, grease, and other misc. gear
  • Feed bottles – 6 total (in 2 colors) would be ideal
  • Glow sticks – at least 20 sticks

Please email me at if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.  Any and all help is most appreciated.  Even positive encouragement.  A little goes a long way and we’re in this together.

All funds raised in excess of my balance (approx. $10k), will be donated to my friends at First Descents – a nonprofit dedicated to taking young adult cancer patients and survivors on outdoor adventures around the world, empowering them to defy the cancer and reclaim their lives.

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