English Channel by the numbers

Relatively shallow at 150m, the English Channel is considered to be one of the most highly trafficked bodies of water in the world.  Since the first swim in 1875, approx. 800 people have successfully crossed.  One year following a bone marrow transplant for double refractory Hodgkin’s lymphoma, my goal is to join those ranks.  

This will mean swimming upwards of 18K-25K yd/week in the ocean, combined with a minimum of 8K yd pool swims per day.  On top of this 70K yd/week training regimen, in order for an official swim date to be approved, two other things must happen: first, the swimmer must put on 25-35 pounds of pure fat to handle the 56 degree F conditions; and second, they should also be prepared for night swimming, completing at least one 6 hour open water swim.  Now, considering where I live in southern California, it is suggested that the latter be completed with a “simple” swim across the Catalina Channel, equal in distance at 21 miles, but with a depth of 1600m rather.  No wetsuit, no cage, just a Speedo between my lanky 5’11” frame and the least explored place on earth. 

Let the fun begin!

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